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According to our philosophy as a company, our main value is to have a social commitment with people, thinking that we not only sell tour packages with an amount of money that is reflected at the end of each year in a statistical number of sales, we sell tourism products with social responsibility, where part of the profit of all the passengers who visit Bolivia and especially Misiones, should know that their money paid goes to help the ladies of the Community of Santa Rita in Concepción – where there is a project to recover the natural dyes in their cotton threads, for traditional weaving in their looms, which become chaminas or chuspitas “small bags”.

We also contribute to FASSIV “Social Assistance Foundation of San Ignacio de Velasco”, and for children with “special abilities” they can have an inclusion in society; developing different activities, such as making handicrafts made of wood that are commercialized in the foundation and they help in the economy of their homes. And they participate and learn music and are part of the San Ignacio Ensemble.