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Our values are social responsibility with culture, nature, respect for indigenous peoples, and compliance with current legislation. Anavin Travel SRL is committed to providing travel experiences that allow you to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage in the selected destinations, contributing to their preservation, development and improvement of the quality of life of the communities and our collaborators.

The company seeks to enhance its social, environmental and economic benefits, promoting the development of responsible and sustainable tourism by minimizing any negative impact that tourism can cause.


We encourage sustainable development in our destinations by promoting visits to protected natural areas; we also prefer the use of small hotels and eco-hotels that belong to the local community, or that are managed by them. We stimulate the interest of the visitors in the purchase of locally produced products and handicrafts, in such a way that direct benefits are generated in the destination.

We support educational and environmental projects, as well as local development initiatives that stimulate education on issues of environmental conservation and sustainable development in the communities visited.


Our clients receive travel recommendations, which promote respect for the natural and social environments they will visit. We give information about the laws and norms of conduct regarding: traffic of cultural goods, threatened wild species in the national territory, protection of the human rights of vulnerable communities, and prevention of trade and sexual exploitation with minors.

We motivate them to be respectful and careful with the cultural and natural heritage of the place visited, and we inform them about less polluting transport alternatives, so that they can use them both in the transfers to the destination, and in the destination itself.